Our Mission

  • To contribute enviromental, social and economical development with inovative focus
  • To manufacture high value added and niche casting products
  • To make happy customers, employees and shareholders
  • To increase export business

Our Vision

As Yılkar Döküm Ltd. to contrbute Turkish Economy with export local business, to manufacture competitive and qualified products in accordance with World standarts, to be an essential supplier brand that follow forward integration processes as heat treatment, painting, machining and assemblying in its value added products.

Our Aims

  • Applying for “Llloyd’s Register of Shipping” approval to prove our quality in steel and stainless steel castings.s
  • Applying for “OHSAH 18001 Occupational Helath and Safety Management System” certificate to adopt the philosophy of safe working life.
  • Appyling for “14001 Enviromental Management System” to be conscious against global climate changes and to show our desire for a enviro-friendly future.
  • Establishing a foundry-customized ERP software to have transparent management and traceable production in order to be a longlife company.

  • Atlıkarınca Tasarım Atölyesi